Facetime is considered as one of the best applications for video calling, audio calling, and messaging. It was developed by Apple; therefore, it can only be accessible in the IOS mobile and MAC OS devices.

It’s a great rival to Skype and other applications, as it has many inbuilt features, which you can easily ingress at your fingertips. Unlike the other video calling applications, FaceTime can only be used for one on one calls, and it can only be congenial to other IOS devices.

There is no option for a group video call; it’s a simple application with a clean user interface. Despite the fact, it is not compatible with Android and Windows; people still chose to rely on it for video calling.

So, you should undoubtedly opt  for Facetime for video calling? Honestly, buying an iPhone just for this specific application is not a relevant reason. If you have more friends with Android devices, then FaceTime is not for you. But, still, if you desire to get an experience of using FaceTime, don’t worry, we got you covered. You will no longer have to rely on the IOS devices to get the taste of it. We have come with an exceptional method to use FaceTime in Windows, which will leave you wonderstruck.

Download FaceTime For PC Windows

As we all know, the application is only available for IOS users, which can be downloaded straight from the App store without much complications or extra efforts. But, with the help of our methods, it is plausible to do the same on your PC as well. The steps are quite simple, all you need to do is to download an emulator on your PC, which is absolutely free, and you will not have to pay any fortune.

In case you want to know what an emulator actually is, it typically allows the host system to run the software that is designed for the guest system. It provides you with the exact interface of IOS/Android in your PC, which enables the users to use and experience the whole of the IOS/Android applications in your PC. If you do not have one for your PC yet, we suggest downloading the Bluestacks emulator. It is 100% free to download, which is compatible with nearly all types of devices and operating systems.

By following the outright steps mentioned here, you will definitely succeed in downloading FaceTime on your PC. So, first thing first, you will need an APK file of FaceTime for your emulator. The Windows operating system does not support APK files, as it has its own path- ‘ex.’ With the help of an emulator, you will not have to incorporate with any of your changes in your Windows PC.

You can effortlessly download the Bluestacks in your by heading over the official website of the emulator. Apart from the Bluestacks, there are many such emulators available to be downloaded free on the internet; you can pick any of them too. After getting done with the installation process. Please note that the download and uploading process may take some time; you need to be very careful with applying the steps to get the job done in a couple of minutes.

Next, open the emulator and link your Google account. Remember, this is one of the most crucial steps to begin with the further process.

How to Install Facetime on PC

  • Download Facetime’s APK file on your PC.
  • Head to the location where you downloaded the file.
  • Right-click on the downloaded file and click on the “Open With” option.
  • The option of opening the file with Bluestacks will be appearing, click on that.
  • Now, the installation of your FaceTime will be started through Bluestacks.
  • That’s it; now you will be able to find the icon of FaceTime under “All Apps” in the emulator, just like the user-interface of your Android device.

This way, you can install and access FaceTime indisputably on your PC. Follow the above-listed steps categorically and enjoy having face time with your friends and family. This simple method, which works for all Windows operating systems. Talking about the specifications, you must have a basic computer with no extraordinary features. It’s a lightweight application, which can work smoothly on any computer or laptop without lags and errors. If this method fails to work out for you, then don’t worry, we will get back with another solution super soon. Till then try using alternatives of the Bluestacks; there are tons of emulators available on the internet ready to be installed at your fingertips for free. Try using some of them and see if things work out for you. 

Features of FaceTime

Access- Unlike the other application, using other features of your phone while video calling with FaceTime is not prohibited. You get admittance to run all the background applications while you speak with someone on a video call.

Camera Orientation- Switch between both primary and secondary camera of your phone while having conversation with your friends and family.

Regular Updates- As the application keeps on regularly updating, you will be ensured about the safety and security 24/7.

User Friendly- It is a user-friendly app, which allows users to be at the two different places at one time.

Video Calling- It is a simple application for video calling, which is bound to a single tap direct call interface. With time, it also proffers the extravagant features and enhanced visual quality.

PIP Image- PIP image is a small portion on the screen where your face appears in a small box in the corner. It can be entirely adjustable, drag that here and there on screen by simply sliding that.

Voice and Video- Mute your audio in case of any interruption or any varied reason during the call. While you will still be able to hear from your partner.

Visibility settings- FaceTime allows the users to turn off the visibility. It’s an immensely useful feature, especially when you are on important calls and do not want to come across distractions.

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