Station 2 - Playing rules. Cuqui Jerez

Artistic Migrations. Station 2: Cuqui Jerez


Off Limits Gallery, February, 27th 2010, 20:00.

C/ Escuadra, 11 bajo,  28012 Madrid  


As spectators of Cuqui Jerez’s works we have created expectations which have been frustrated; we have observed the creation of realities which grew more and more complicated and playful, less and less believable, which finally ended by subverting everything we expected to see; we have seen accidents which happen again exactly in the same way; we have seen how fictions are dismantled which a minute before were completely real; we have payed attention to small details of insignificant everyday actions which, by means of a change of perspective or of a almost ritual repetition have been discovered as a different world which finally has a meaning; in short, we have played the play of being spectators of Cuqui Jerez. 

In this meeting we finally have access to the playing rules before we start playing: In a talk with Cuqui Jerez we will be able to know her ways of working, the methods she develops for each new project and the tools she has been creating. We will be able to follow the course of her research on the theatre machine, its conventions and the presumptions associated to it, as well as the relations it generates.

Moderates: Victoria Pérez Royo


Actividad subvencionada por el Ministerio de Cultura