Station 3 - Processes / La Ribot

 Galería Off Limits, 14th of  May 2010, 21:00.


C/ Escuadra, 11 bajo,  28012 Madrid

Moderator: Amparo Écija.


La Ribot, choreographer and visual artist has significantly contributed to the development of the new dance in Spain from the early nineties. Through a performative writing which departs from the naked body in relationship to objects, this choreographer creates a tension in the conceptual limits of dance, locating this practice in a continuous dialogue between visual and performance art. Her proposals are characterized by a fine sense of humor and a radical eccentricity, questioning central issues such as theater economy, art market or the role of the artist. 

Amparo Écija has written her PhD on new dance in Spain, focusing in La Ribot's, Olga Mesa's and Mónica Valenciano's works, and is based on a direct approach to the choreographers and their creative processes. 



Actividad subvencionada por el Ministerio de Cultura