Station 4 - The politics of dance praxis as research / Bojana Kunst

Galería Off Limits, 14th of June 2010, 21:00. 

C/ Escuadra, 11 bajo,  28012 Madrid



In this fourth meeting of Artistic Migrations we invite Bojana Kunst and Mårten Spångberg to have a conversation on the praxis of dance as research. 

They will tackle questions such as the specificity of research metodologies in dance, the origins and reasons of the relevance of this concept in current dance praxis, as well as its political dimension in the current context of postcapitalist economy. It is about testing possible demarcations of the field of dance as research instead of accepting the criteria imposed from outside. Other goal consist of finding the appropriate space in which choreographers and dancers are the ones who define what they do understand as research before their action will be absorbed by the market. 

Moderator: Victoria Pérez Royo



Actividad subvencionada por el Ministerio de Cultura