Writing as looking. Stage image and cinematographic action in Samuel Beckett's work

José A. Sánchez

Samuel Beckett

Published in Spanish in Julián Jiménez Hefferman (ed.), Tentativas sobre Beckett, CBA, Madrid, 2006, pp. 171-203

In his brief text on Beckett, or rather on a photograph taken in 1961 by Ozkok Lutfi, Pierre Michon  defines and celebrates Beckett as "king" of literature (The king’s body is the title of the book), on par with Joyce, Shakespeare and Dante, a king who had ascended the throne eight years earlier, when the premiere of Waiting for Godot or ten years before, date of publication of his trilogy of narrative. At the end of this text, Michon, describes the photograph: "Pupils of ice taken by the photographer, and reject it. Noli me tangere. The signs overflow. The photographer shoots. The king's two bodies appear." [...]


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