Laboratory. Social Spaces

Laboratory of practical research 

Place:  Reina Sofía Museum and Matadero Madrid 

Dates: 8-12 de Junio 2011

This laboratory opens up a space for emergent collective reflection on processes of research in the fields of dance, choreography, social activism and architecture. It is based on the potential hidden in the process before the presentacion of a closed final product. We consider that instability and porosity of processes constitute an excellent space in which to discuss about working procedures, tools and working methods. 

Concretely, we approach from a practical perspective the social dimension which characterizes the performing arts, once admitted that the stage, beyond proposing a particular fiction, is always displaying a situation: this of being together and sharing time and space. Throughout the laboratory we're exploring different strategies in order to work with this transversal axis between audience and performers.

Artists: Gustavo Ciriaco, Lorenzo Rocha, Alice Chauchat, Zeynep Günsür, Samo Gosaric, Paz Rojo, Ricardo Santana, Cláudia Muller.
Documentation: María José Cifuentes
Management: Clara de Andrés
Coordination: Victoria Pérez Royo / Fernando Quesada

Project in collaboration with Reina Sofía Museum and Matadero Madrid.

Actividad subvencionada por el Ministerio de Cultura