Laboratory of Artistic Migrations

This lab opens up a space for collective reflection on processes of research in the fields of dance, choreography, social activism and architecture. 


Social Spaces

Experimental laboratory on practice-based research

This lab opens up a space for collective reflection on processes of research in the fields of dance, choreography, social activism and architecture. It bases on the potential of the process before a final closed product. We consider that instability and porosity of processes constitute an excellent space in which to discuss about working tools, emthods and procedures.

Concretely, in this lab we tackle in a practical way the social dimension that characterizes the performing arts, once we have admitted that performance, far beyond from proposing fiction, always creates a situation: that of being together sharing time and space. Throughout the lab we will explore different strategies to work with this transversal axis of relation between performers and spectators. 

Participants: Alice Chauchat, Cláudia Müller, Gustavo Ciríaco, María José Cifuentes, Lorenzo Rocha, Paz Rojo, Ricardo Santana, Samo Gosaric, Zeynep Günsür.

Organized by ARTEA (Victoria Pérez Royo / Fernando Quesada), in collaboration with Reina Sofía Museum, Matadero Madrid and the MA in Performing Arts Practice and Visual Culture.


Station 7 of Artistic Migrations. Talk by Alice Chauchat

Where: 8 de Junio de 2011, 19-20:30
When: Matadero Madrid, Sala Taller
Free entrance 

Workshop by Zeynep Günsür
When: 8 th- 11th of June 2011, 10-14
Where: Reina Sofia Museum, Edificio Nouvel, Protocolo
Only for students of the MA in Performing Arts Practice and Visual Culture.

Laboratory Social Spaces

When: 8th - 12th of June 2011, 10-18 horas
Where: Matadero Madrid, sala Taller
Only for invited guests.

Open laboratory I. Research tools by Gustavo Ciríaco and Lorenzo Rocha

When: 10th of June 2011, 18-19:30
Where: Reina Sofia Museum, Edificio Nouvel, Auditorio 200
Free entrance 

Open workshop by Zeynep Günsur

with students of the MA in Performing Arts Practice and Visual Culture: Estela Lapponi, María Claudia Maldonado, Itxaso Corral, Diana Delgado, Elif Zilan, Esmeralda Díaz, Itsaso Iribarren, Óscar Bueno, Rebecca Collins, Clara de Andrés.
When: 11th of June 2011,  18-19:30
Reina Sofia Museum, Edificio Nouvel, Sala de Protocolo 

Free entrance

Open laboratory II. Research tools by Alice Chauchat and Paz Rojo
When: 12th of Junio 2011, 12:00-14:00
Where: Matadero Madrid, Sala Taller
Free entrance


Alice Chauchat is choreographer and performer. She is co-director of Les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers.

Claudia Müller is an artist working in projects of dance, performance and video. Questions such as absence / presence, reality / fiction, the peripheries of traditional artistic spaces and the relationship between art and everyday life are constant interests in her works.

Gustavo Ciríaco is choreographer and performer, and co-author togtether with A. Sonnberger of Here whilst we walk (In-presentables/2006) and Neighbors (En Tránsito/2009).

Lorenzo Rocha is a Mexican architect. His interests focus on the reactivation of spaces by means of its social use. He is director of the journal [ESPACIO].

Paz Rojo is collaborator and dancer in the project The Half together with the choreographer Diego Gil and the dramaturg Igor Dobricic; teacher at the School For New Dance Development, Amsterdam.

Ricardo Santana studied Acting (R.E.S.A.D Madrid), Dance Production and Creation(S.N.D.O, Amsterdam). He works in collaboration with Paz Rojo, Vicente Colomar, Oscar G. Villegas or Mónica García.

Samo Gosaric is writer and creator in the field of performing arts. Currently he is exploring and reconstructing performances of the 60s and 70s in the context of the ex-Yugoslavia and Southeast of Europe.

Zeynep Günsür is an independent artist. She has collaborated with many different artists. Also works as a board member of an independent dance network (DBM) in the Mediterranean area since 2005 and she is the founder member of ACPAI (Association of Contemporary Performing Arts Initiation). 

This lab is part of the research project HAR2008-06014-C02-01, which has been financed by the Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación of Spain (2009-2011), Junta de comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha and AECID.



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