Station 8. Elke van Campenhout.

a.pass modes of creation and research
Elke van Campenhout
25 Feb. at 19.30 
Place: Cruce Arte y Pensamiento, C/ Dr Fourquet nº5 Madrid.
Free entrance.

Thinking about tools in the research environment of a.pass is a tricky 'thing'. When we think about tools in everyday language, we think about 'things that do something'. But not whatever. Tools are things that have their function inscribed in them, that are optimized for achieving a certain goal, like the radically specified instruments IKEA offers you in its DIY packages. In an artistic research environment the question thus to ask in the first place is: what kind of tools do we need to do what we do? 

Elke van Campenhout is in charge of the artistic and pedagogical profile and functioning of a.pass: advanced performance and scenography studies, based in brussels. a.pass is an international artistic research program for artists and theoreticians based on the principles of self-organization and collaboration.

Actividad subvencionada por el Ministerio de Cultura