Are you fond of listening to music? Do you often find yourself in specific situations when you want to remember the name of the song but you can’t? Or you often find yourself struggling to know the name of a newly released song?

If the answer to any of the questions above is in affirmative, then you definitely need to use Shazam PC. This is an amazing software that helps you identify a song almost instantly.

It is a music identification and recognition app, available for iPhone as well as android phones. Now it can be used in Windows PC too.

This software is highly useful in the PC too. If, while watching television or listening to the radio or even while binge-watching on Netflix, you come across a piece of music, Shazam PC will help you recognise it.

All you need to click on a button and voila, the song name appears immediately.

If you are wondering how Shazam works, then let us help you. When the music gets played. Shazam listens to it using the microphone of the PC. Then it searches through a huge online database of music using a table internet connection.

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If Shazam is able to find a matching song, then it provides you with the information instantly. The interface of Shazam PC is quite simple and user friendly. Users like the fact that recognising songs has become so easy with an app like Shazam PC.

Features of Shazam PC:

  • Ability to recognise any tune: The amazing software Shazam PC helps you in identifying any and every tune. It will detect any tune be it from an advertisement, radio, TV, soundtrack and so on. Thus you will be able to recognise a particular song using this app quite easily.
  • Access to the video: This app also gives you access to the video of the soundtrack on YouTube. Not only it helps you to identify a piece of music, but it lets you watch the video too. Is not that great!
  • Availability of lyrics: Shazam PC makes the lyrics of the identified songs available too. You will be able to identify the songs as well as know their lyrics. Now you can lip-sync the songs easily with the help of the lyrics.
  • User profile: This app allows you to create a user profile. You can also find your activity history there. Thus it is a highly organised app.
  • List of identified songs: It also provides the list of songs it has identified of late. Using this lost, you can have quick access to the songs. 
  • Details about albums and artists: The identified songs come with other vital details such as information about the album. Here you will get all the details about the album. Also, you will get to know about the singers, musicians and composers associated with the song.
  • Share with the social media: Once you have identified the song, you can share your activity with your friends over social media. Thus sharing has become quite easy with the app.
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Installation requirement for Shazam PC:

Following are some of the much-needed instalment requirements that you need for the smooth running of Shazam PC:

  • Upgradation of PC to 2GB RAM
  • High-end graphic cards
  • Uninterrupted and stable internet connection
  • Windows 10 version or higher, Windows 8.1
  • X64, x86
  • Microphone

How to download Shazam PC on your Windows?

If you follow the below-given steps, you will be able to download Shazam PC smoothly on your PC. Let’s have a look at the steps:

  • Go to the Windows Store for downloading Shazam PC.
  • Then navigate the product’s page.
  • Then you have to click upon the “Get App” button.
  • This will make sure that the app gets added to your library.
  • Then you have to click upon the “Install” button.
  • Once the setup of the app ends up, you need to click upon the “Launch” button in order to run Shazam on your PC.

Identifying familiar-sounding tunes was never so easy. Thanks to Shazam PC. Music lovers now need not worry about remembering the name of the movie or album to which the song belongs.

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Also, this app is highly beneficial for content creators who use a wide variety of music for their innovative videos. Download this app on your PC and make your musical experience smooth and easy.

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