Pokemon Black – Special Edition by MB Hacks (Red Hack) has taken a big leap towards the PSP with the inclusion of the Pokemon Black – Special Palace Edition Game. This new version features an entirely new story line and gameplay that have taken players from the streets of New York City to a world where Pokemon have taken over the world. Players will be introduced to a brand new villain that challenges the player’s ability to use Pokemon and the different Pokemon that exist in this new world.

This new Pokemon Black – Special Edition Game gives the player a much more engaging experience that is based around a much larger plot that involves the villain threatening to take over the world. Unlike most Pokemon Black – Special Edition Games, this game features the ability to use various Pokemon in battle and to battle Pokemon of different levels of strength.

In this new storyline, the player has the opportunity to use a new character in battle with new villains that have taken over New York City. Along the way, the player must collect a large number of Pokemon in order to win battles and to defeat the different villains.

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In addition to this new storyline, the game also introduces new monsters that have been introduced in the game that will challenge the player in their quests. These monsters include Goombas and Rattata and allow the player to use different Pokemon in battle.

The game itself is very well done and has the same level of graphics and gameplay found in other versions of the Black-Special Edition Game. It also features all of the new villains that were mentioned and has the ability to play the game at any time without worrying about the game becoming unplayable due to the constant interruptions of a new plot line. The only downfall to the game is that the game requires you to have a PSP camera in order to take pictures and that is why the game is only playable by PSP owners. The other good things about the game is that it features all the new Pokemon that were introduced in the PSP versions and has many new features that you will enjoy using.

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Pokemon Black-Special Edition by MB Hacks (Red Hack) is a very good game for any PSP owner. This game has the ability to run on the PSP camera and is a great addition to any collection of Pokemon games. It is worth the money and is definitely one of the most interactive games to be featured on the PSP system.

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