We tend to download many videos and games daily to fulfill our needs or to kill the boredom.  Also, we download many documents related to our work, along with several apps and software that make our work easy and more accessible.

Well, we always think that internet and downloading are the sources that are made to ease out our day to day tasks and lets us enjoy ourselves but little do we realize that while downloading various games, software, apps, music, video, etc. we welcome many malignant viruses that cause significant harm to our device and also the data that is stored inside it.

We should never underestimate the power of the hackers that are continually strolling on the internet and are looking for prey. So, we mustn’t get enticed towards the baits that are often laid down by pop ads that promise attractive claims.

We must stay away from these hackers and keep our data protected. These days we have a large fragment of our personal information residing in our laptops and mobile, including our banking details.

The most focused information that these hackers aim at are these banking details only. So, it is advised to use safe methods and networks, hence shielding sensitive information.

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Here, we have brought you three methods that can save you from the trap of the hackers. Go ahead and have a look:

Rent a Seedbox

This method works on the foundational idea of uploading and downloading the data with high bandwidth. It usually varies from 100Mbps to 1250Mbps.

Its main job is nothing but just torrenting. Seedbox is one of the most widely used methods due to easy accessibility and low cost. They are deployed mostly for the networks that are asymmetrical and have poor strength of network. 

It lets you download anonymously, and there is no need to stress about any legal actions taken against you because you are on remote hosting where you are just a ghost. With seedbox, you can safely log into your accounts, and the password will be protected. The best part is that it comes with a VPN as an add-on. So, this gives you dual protection benefits.

Seedbox works by acquiring the torrent files and lets you download them quickly and anonymously.

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Some of the familiar and credible seedboxes are:

There is a constant threat of hackers that prevails around our system. Though there are no sure shot methods to get rid of them, the use of these aiding servers can protect our data to an extent. Hence, it becomes highly essential to make good use of these technical tools.

Buy a Proxy Server

Proxy server behaves like a gateway that connects the local network and a large network that is used for browsing the web. There are various types of proxies, namely open proxies and reverse proxies. These servers are nothing but just an intermediary between the device and the internet provider.

Proxy works on the concept of a false IP address. It disables the website that you visit to trace the original IP address. It becomes impossible for the visited site to detect the exact location of the visitor, hence keeping your data safe from breaches.  This makes you surf the site anonymously. With the use of this, the cyber criminals become helpless in finding the details like your ISP, zip code, and street name. Proxy servers can come in use to block the sites that are irrelevant for the surfer. For example: blocking pornography sites at schools.

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Various types of Proxies are:

  • Hide.Me
  • GoAgent Proxy
  • Tiny Proxy

Use a VPN

The VPN is deployed to act as a virtual tunnel between you and the remote server operated by it. VPN safeguards the identity and location of the user.  Imagine if we are using the wifi connection that is not secure and we do not know who all are using it. It is possible that it is monitored by the hackers who are after your bank details and passwords. So, this can intercept all your sensitive data and bear you a hard loss.

Therefore it is highly recommended that you browse through secure networks that are password encrypted.  This almost nullifies the chances of data encroachment. With this, you can set passwords on the wifi, and this will disallow the people to access it without your will.

Some of the most used VPNs are:

  • Ivacy
  • VyprVPN
  • TorGuard VPN
  • TunnelBear VPN

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