Itinerary for the Museum Reina Sofía's Permanent Collection

This itinerary proposes a visit across the Museum Reina Sofia's permanent collection in seven stages. It will be publically presented on 12th June, in the frame of MOV-S 2010.

 Visual arts maintained an ongoing dialogue with theater since the early twentieth century. Under the influence of symbolism, the avant-garde endorsed the idea of "Gesamtkunstwerk" and devised theatre as a space for its realization, while cinema was not yet technically in a position to produce it. In parallel, theatre and dance approached visual arts in search of their definition as autonomous arts media, asserting their independence from literature and music. However, in the second half of the century the ratio was reversed: the model of "total work of art" was replaced by the idea of "open work" and the visual arts practiced a theatricallity understood as a recovery of the body, its experiences and its traces, both by artists and by the spectators. This itinerary will explore ways in which visual arts used theatrical means and also how the dialogue between different media produced successive redefinitions of them all: painting, sculpture, film, dance and theater, but also new modes of theatricality and performativity in contemporary artistic practices such as installations, audiovisual, performance art and other time-based practices.

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