Ayse Orhon



We will start by analyzing and positioning ourselves, our bodies in space-time, asking and dicussing how we make choices –in certain contexts, circumstances- and what are those choices. What we would not choose can be our authentic choice, like how what we choose can be habitual, learned, unconcious. By seeing what actions we make we will start adding unfamiliar ones.

This is close to “embodying someone else’s body”. But more interesting is –similar but different- “visiting someone else’s body”.

Working on those “what yes” “what not” we will also try to look for if we can create non-represantional situations with physical, mental and intiuitive participation, risk taking and mutual support.

Ayse Orhon (born in 1976) was professionally involved in music (harp) and sports (synchronized swimming). She continued her education on dance and graduated from DansAkademie/EDDC, The Art Academy Arnhem and Duesseldorf in June 2001. She started working with Ayd?n Teker in 2002 and also worked with Emmanuelle Huynh in France. She is working in Istanbul as a dancer and choreographer, and also collaborates with the visual artist Gülsün Orhon. Ay?e Orhon is among the founders of “CATI Contemporary Dance Artists Association” (2004) where she has been teaching since 1997. She is also among the founders of “AMBER - Association for Process-based

Arts”(2007). Orhon is a licensed Pilates instructor (full certification, Stott Pilates). Her solo performance “Can You Repeat?”(2007) was awarded at 8:tension-Impulstanz Festival in Vienna in 2008 and her last solo/duo performance “Hava’n?n a’s?” is premiered in Tanz im August Festival in Berlin (2009).