Convocatoria workshop "Moving cartographies"

Moving cartographies: Bodies in alliance* and the collective mapping of political dissent

An Erehwon project workshop
This workshop is part of the Seminar Bodies, Disorders and Democracy, curated by ARTEA and hosted by Matadero Madrid, in collaboration with the MA in Performing Arts Practice and Visual Culture (UCLM).

Open call

9th March - 11:30 to 17: 30
(keywords: moving cartography, building community, collective digital archive, data visualisation, design)
  • Context:
Erehwon is an on-going research project which is being developed through an interdisciplinary collaboration between researchers in Aesthetics, Performance studies and Interaction Design. Focusing on exploring the possibilities of digital tools as enablers and supporters of sociopolitical interventions, we are developing an online platform that intends to be a connecting hub for the people who initiate these interventions, and enable them to create collectively a digital archive. Its purpose is to share knowledge, good practices and methods and to provide space for exchange. 
The platform is being co-designed with interventionists through a series of ongoing workshops with different thematics. We have run workshops in Belgrade, Lisbon, London and Berlin, in areas such as user interface design, data visualisation, security, and privacy. 
  • Call:
We invite artists, activists, citizens collectives, researchers, hackers, and anyone involved in socio-political projects, who has a special interest in discussing strategies and formats of intervention on the physical and digital public space in a hands-on participatory design  workshop to
discuss strategies for creating and maintaining an online community drawing on  examples, of scientific, political, social, and scholarly use of online platforms as tools for community building
collectively identify design parameters that will improve and refine the modeling of the movement in Erehwon’s  cartography, and make visible the displacements, contaminations and transformations of the projects across time and space.
Languages of the workshop: Spanish and English