Artea brings together scholars and artists with the aim of promoting research in arts and creating appropriate contexts for its generation and communication. By research we mean any activity, both theory and practice based, oriented to the production of knowledge: forms, languages, concepts, perspectives or experiences.

Artea is a research group and an independent association linked through its members to various universities and research centers. We believe that academic research in the field of arts is inseparable from practice, hence our commitment to create spaces for dialogue, collaboration and exchange between historians, artists and theorists. The generation of these spaces, permanent, ephemeral or virtual, is our main goal.


María José Cifuentes

Santiago de Chile

Óscar Cornago

Madrid / CSIC

Amparo Écija

Madrid / UCLM

Victoria Pérez Royo

Madrid/ Berlín

Fernando Quesada

Madrid / Universidad de Alcalá

José A. Sánchez

UCLM / Madrid

Idoia Zabaleta

Azala / EH-UPV

Ixiar Rozas

Azala/ Mondragon Unibertsitatea

Esther Belvis Pons


Carolina Martínez

Madrid / ERAM (Universitat de Girona)

Imma Prieto

Barcelona / ERAM (Universitat de Girona)

Elena Blázquez

Madrid / UCLM

Zeynep Günsür

Yildiz Technical Universitat / Estambul

Christine Greiner

PUC / Sao Paulo

Bojana Kunst

Maska, Ljubljana

Ileana Diéguez

Universidad Autónoma de México

Ana Harcha

Universidad Católica de Chile

Tamara Alegre


Lorena Verzero

Buenos Aires

Juan Domínguez

Madrid / Berlin

Cuqui Jerez


Los Torreznos


Cris Blanco

Collaborating Institutions

Universidad de Alcalá



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